Year 4 2016 - 2017

Mr Hardman

Mr Hardman

Welcome to Year 4


Mr Green teaches 4G, with Mrs Woodward, Miss Winder and Miss Thomas  supporting learning in the class.

Mr Hardman teaches 4H, with Miss Woodland, Mr Smith and Mrs McGill supporting learning in the class.


4G will be going swimming on a Wednesday Afternoon.

4H- Indoor P.E. will be on a Wednesday Morning. 

Both classes will have Outdoor Games on Friday Afternoon.



This week, Year 4 have come back to school with a fantastic attitude and have produced some wonderful work since returning to St. Luke’s. We have started our new topic on Thunder and Lightning and this has already permeated our writing. Both classes have drafted some amazing poetry about storms and powerful weather, and Mrs Cowie has been wowed by the examples that she has read.

In Maths, both classes have been working through time-based problems, and converting between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock. As a team, the Year 4 staff would be very grateful if you could continue to practice time-tables and time-telling skills as an ongoing challenge at home, as these are great skills for the children to come to school already equipped with.

Year 4’s Superstars this week are Jess Cribb (4G) and Liam Hall (4H).

Well done to both of you. Keep up the great work!



And so the most anticipated week of the school year has come and gone. Year 4 had a great experience at Winmarleigh Hall and were very sad when we had to leave. Make sure to check back here to see pictures of our amazing stay at Winmarleigh Hall!



Life in the county is not all it is cracked up to be! Year 4 have explored just how much work they would have had to do if they were evacuated during WWII. A day full of farm work and other chores nearly made them long for school. until the realsied how boring the 3 R's actually could be! They also seemed really unimpressed with the lack of food due to rationing... not even a spam sandwich could entice them!

Adding and subtracting fractions have been the order of the week in Maths, with the children working on problems involving chocolate, pizza and a range of other food they would not get during wartime. We are looking to move on to time soon, so get the watches at the ready!.

Well done to our Superstars this week: Erin Ennis in 4H and the whole of 4G for how amazing they have been during Miss Heather's time with us.

Winmarleigh Countdown: 5 Days to go!!! 


Newsflash! Britain has declared war on Germany! All children must evacuate the city immediately!

Year 4 have left their normal lives behind them and moved to the countryside to see what it was like for the children during the Blitz. They have all written letters home to their parents after their experiences of the dreaded train ride. We will continue to look at life as an evacuee in the coming weeks.

Fractions continue to be the focus of our maths lessons, with the children moving on to simplifying and adding fractions, which we hope they will eventually find 'a piece of cake'!

Congratulations to our Superstars this week: Jack Morris in 4G and Freya Smith in 4H

Winmarleigh Countdown: 12 days to go!!!


Another exciting and learning filled week in Year 4 has come to an end. We have begun to look at World War 2, starting with who was involved in the war and looking at the important events throughout the 6 miserable years. In English, we have been writing explanations on what evacuation was and why children were evacuated to the countryside.

Fractions have been the main focus in maths, with the children writing mixed numbers and beginning to find equivalent fractions. We have also started work on the Easter service, looking at the end of Jesus's time on Earth, and the children are really looking forward to showing the school community how hard we have worked on it.

Well done to Adam Hussain (4G) and Eva Meredith (4H) who are our superstars this week.

Winmarleigh Countdown: 19 days to go!!! 



This week, Year 4 have been tackling various new learning opportunities. Within Maths, we have focused on consolidating our understanding around a range of graph types. We have all then moved onto starting our fractions topic. Things have started off well and all adults are impressed with the efforts of both classes.

During English lessons, instructions and explanations have been our focus. Both Mr Hardman and Miss Heather have been astounded by how well the children have been able to differentiate the two text types.

Our Superstars for this week are Amy Duckworth (4G) and Joshua Bain (4H) – Well done to both of you!





This week, Year 4 have continued their examination of the story Fox by Margaret Wilde and have finished the story. There were twists and turns along the way and the year-group really enjoyed looking closely at the thoughts and feelings of the complex characters. We will be continuing to use the book as a basis for our English work in the coming weeks.

Within Maths, we have progressed from formal written methods of multiplication, onto written methods of long division. This is taking the children some getting used to, but we will persevere with this new Maths adventure next week!


Our Superstars this week are Eve Humphreys (4G) and Olivia Strong (4H).

Our handwriting heroes are Charlie Lynch (4G) and James Shalliker (4H). 

Keep up the outstanding efforts everybody.





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