Good attendance is the single most important factor in achieving good results.  Good attendance ensures children are not missing out - not just learning, but the important social aspects of school life, too. 


Above 99%: Less than 2 days absence a year

Excellent attendance!  These young people will almost certainly get the best grades they can, leading to better prospects for the future.  Pupils will also get into a habit of attending school which will continue into the workplace.

Above 97%: Less than 6 days absence a year

Good attendance!  These young people will remain on track to attain the best grades for their ability and will develop good habits of attendance which will stand them in good stead in later life.

95%: 10 days absence a year

These pupils are missing vital learning and will be less likely to achieve good grades and form a habit of attending school regularly. 

90%: 19 days absence a year

Young people in this group are missing a month of school per year; it will be difficult for them to achieve their best as it will be almost impossible to keep up with learning.

The Government classes Young People in this group as “Persistent Absentees”. Parents of young people in this group could also face the possibility of legal action being taken by the Local Authority.





We have a variety of awards systems in place to encourage good attendance in school:

This is Luke. He is our class weekly attendance Super Hero Bear. Each week whichever class has the highest percentage attendance wins a HERO cape ticket for their class chart. At the end of the year, the class with the most HERO tickets and the class with the highest overall attendance (this could be the same class, but could also be a differnet class, whose attendance has been consistently high) will be able to choose a whole class reward.

Each week we have a prize draw for every child in school who has achieved 100% attendance that week. There are two names picked out, one in each Celebration Worship on a Friday afternoon. The lucky winners get to choose a prize from the 100% attendance box which is filled full of fun and colourful stationery.

At the end of each half-term, four names are drawn from a hat who have achieved 100% attendance that half-term, and these pupils are awarded with a certificate and a £5 Amazon gift card.

At the end of the year, each child who has managed to gain 100% attendance for the whole of the academic year is invited to celebrate at a tea party with Mrs Cowey. They are awarded with a certificate, a present and share some tasty treats.

Weekly Attendance Winners

10th September - 14th September - Sam (RH), Charlie (RF)

17th September - 21st September - Mollie (1O), James (2G)

24th September - 28th September - Holly (2IR), Ben (4C)

1st October - 5th October - Lottie (2A), Harleigh (1M)

8th October - 12th October - Ava (4W), George (5LH)

Autumn half-term winners Maisie (6WD), Jack (3P).

29th October - 2nd November - Elliot (5JH), Molly (6WD)

12th November - 16th November - Lucas (3P), Nancy (RF)

19th November - 23rd November - Thomas (3IR), Lydia (4W)

26th November - 30th November - Lucian (1O), Luke (5LH)

3rd December - 7th December - Heidi (2A), Beau (1M)

10th December - 14th December - Matthew (4C), Ivuska (3P)

17th December - 21st December - Evan (6G), Eva (6WD)

Half-term winners Ellie (2G), Thomas (5JH).

7th January - 11th January - Ryan Pope (2G), Alfie Griffiths (5JH)

14th January - 18th January - Nancy (3P), Treasure (4W)

21st January - 25th January - Estella (RF), Annabel (2A)

28th January - 1st February - Joel (RH), Megan (4C)

4th February - 8th February - Jennifer (1M), Kaiden (3IR)


Half-term winners Henry (3IR), Jo (5LH).

​4th March - 8th March - Noah (RH), Libby (1M)

​11th March - 15th March - Eva (2A), Jane (2G)

​18th March - 22nd March - Oliver (RF), Ethan (1O)

Half-term winners Lucas (4C), Gabe (5JH).

22nd April - 26th April - Rowan (4C), Charlie (6G)

29th April - 3rd May - Oscar (6G), Lewis (1M)

6th May - 10th May - Rebekah (6WD), Isla (1O)

13th May - 17th May - Rishi (3P), Sophie (4W)

Half-term (23rd April - 24th of May) winners Esme (5LH), Jacob (3IR)

10th June - 14th June - Libby (2A), Samara (RH)

17th June - 21st June - Jospeh (RF), Elliot (5JH)

24th June - 28th June - Megan (2G), Olivia (4C)

1st July - 5th July - Holly (1O), Michael (5LH)

Class 100% Winners (who get to look after Luke our Super Hero Bear for the week)


10th September - 14th September - 2A

17th September - 21st September - 1O

24th September - 28th September - 2A and 2G

1st October - 5th October - RF, 1O, 2G

12th November - 16th November - 3P

19th November - 23rd November - RF

26th November - 30th November - 2G and 1O

3rd December - 7th December - 2G

10th December - 14th December - 2A

17th December - 21st December - 2G


7th January - 11th January - 4C, RF

14th January - 18th January - 5LH, 1O

21st January - 25th January - RF

28th January - 1st February - 3P

4th February - 8th February - 3IR

​11th February - 14th February - 5LH


​4th March - 8th March - 2A

​11th March - 15th March - RF

​18th March - 22nd March - 5JH, 5LH, 2A

​25th March - 31st March - 3P

​1st April - 5th April - 1M


​22nd April - 26th April - 4W and RF

​29th April - 3rd May - 5JH

6th May - 10th May - 2G

13th May - 17th May - 5LH


20th May - 24th May - 1M

10th June - 14th June - RH

17th June - 21st June - 2G

24th June - 28th June - 2G

1st July - 5th July - 1O




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