Urgent Message

Apologies for the short notice, but we only heard from the PM when you did and I have since been in emergency meetings with the other Formby Heads and Chairs of Governors. It has been decided to close school to all pupils tomorrow in order to plan the staffing to accommodate vulnerable pupils and children of critical  key workers unable to work from home.

I need to stress that if children can stay at home, they must. This will minimise the risk of infection for staff and pupils and their families. 

I appreciate this has a massive implication for childcare tomorrow. However, if, God forbid, your child fell ill, something would have to be sorted. I would hope that employers would be sympathetic bearing in mind that it is only hours since the government insisted schools should be open for everyone. 

Staff will contact all vulnerable families tomorrow. If you believe your situation is such that BOTH parents, or the only parent, are critical key workers that cannot work from home, please email admin.StLukesFormby@schools.sefton.gov.uk before 11.30am tomorrow, stating your line of work and confirming that you cannot work from home. 

We will strive to maintain year group bubbles, but this may not be possible if numbers are large. 

Assuming we are not inundated with requests for in-school supervision, teachers will be able to provide high quality remote learning, including live lessons, for all pupils. We will be in touch tomorrow regarding any technology challenges faced by families.

I am sorry it has come to this, after a lovely day welcoming children back and hearing their holiday news. However, we must hope and pray that this will soon be over. 

Thank you again for all your support.

Sharon Cowey 

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