TSB STEM Competition Announcement

A few weeks ago, one of our parents, Mr Marshall, who has children in Key Stage 1, sent me this very exciting national STEM competition, which I decided to enter.


TSB has announced the launch of a nationwide competition for schools to encourage more children aged 7-11 understand the wonders of the universe and get excited about STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Parents, teachers and governors can enter their school into the competition to win a half-day session with award winning scientist, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (a space scientist whose passion is presenting science to a general audience and demonstrating that you ‘don’t need a brain the size of a small planet’ to understand, participate in and enjoy science. Her BBC 2 programme, “Do We Really Need the Moon?” showed just that. The programme earned Maggie the talkback Thames new talent award at the prestigious Women in Film and TV Awards in December 2011. She went on to present “Do We Really Need Satellites?” and was one of the main scientists on Channel 4’s Brave New World. She is currently presenting Sky at Night on BBC 4, Mini Stargazing for Cbeebies and is a panellist on Sky One’s successful science quiz show, ‘Ducks Quack Don’t Echo’. She also makes regular appearances on The One Show, Newsnight and Woman’s Hour and was a guest on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.) and TSB’s CEO (and Theoretical Physicist) Dr Paul Pester during British Science Week – 9-18 March 2018.

During the visit, Paul and Maggie will deliver a workshop called ‘Let’s Build a Rocket,’ created by the daughter of Dr Stephen Hawking – Lucy Hawking, which sees the children design their own rocket and then work out how best to colonise the planet Mars.

Paul Pester, Chief Executive Officer of TSB says: “As every physicist knows, you can travel anywhere in space and time with just a pencil, a sheet of paper and your imagination. I want every child to have the same opportunity to explore the universe as I have had and, even more importantly, see how STEM subjects will give them the foundation to go anywhere and do anything they want to in later life.

“I know first-hand how STEM subjects are the backbone to how we live our lives. Physics gives you a broad understanding of the world you live in and helps you develop key skills, from problem-solving to being analytical. I can’t wait to build a rocket with the lucky school that’s selected and see these children’s futures lift-off!”


I am very pleased to announce that WE WON! Dr Maggie and Dr Paul will be in school on the morning of Thursday 15th March to work with Year 5 and to give an assembly to all Key Stage 2 on aspirations and achieving your dreams against adversity.

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