Letter for parents

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you so much for your support again this week. 

At the risk of imagining you all reading this and rolling your eyes and saying, “Here she goes again!” we are making some further adjustments to the school day.  I promise this is it now and there will be no further changes… 


Mornings will remain the same as they have been this week, with a window of 8.35am-8.50am for arrival in school (8.35am-8.45am for Reception) using the entrances that have been in place since our return to school.

Please do not arrive until 8.35am to avoid congestion on the pavement. 


At the end of the school day, we are staying with just two finishing times, but moving these to 3.10pm for Rec-Y2 and 3.20pm for Y3-Y6– see below for exit points.  On Fridays these will be 30minutes earlier, so 2.40pm for Rec-Y2 and 2.50pm for Y3-Y6.  This brings us more in line with our “normal” timings.

The only change of exit is for Y4, who will now exit via the main gate, to reduce congestion.

At the end of the day, we really need you to take your child and leave the premises as quickly as possible in order to maintain social distancing rules.  


The Hightown Bus will still collect at 3.15pm (2.45pm Fridays) so KS2 children will just leave class 5 mins early and we will say the home time prayer waiting for the bus, as we used to.


Arrival in school: 8.35am-8.50am (8.35am – 8.45am for Reception)

Arrival to school will be strictly limited to ONE parent per entrance, with parents to say goodbye at the entrance and not come onto the site.

All entrances will be open and your child must go straight into their classroom.


Reception pupils to enter via ROLA and should be in school by 8.45am so that the gate can be locked. 

1P via front path then side gate and 1P outer door

1O via main playground gate and ramp to 1O outer door

Y2 via main playground gate and classroom outer doors

Y3/4 via side entrance adjacent to car park (past the hall fire doors) and in through the courtyard door

Y5/6 via main playground gate: 5LH corner door from story-telling garden; 5JH door at end of Y5 corridor; Y6 door by 6G.


Departure from school: 

Reception-Y2 3.10pm (2.40pm Fri) Y3-Y6 3.20pm (2.50pm Fri)

Reception: via ROLA (both classes)

Y1: from their outer doors (Y1 parents can wait on the MAIN playground, socially distanced, all leaving via the main gate)  

Y2: from their outer doors (Y2 parents can wait in the story-telling garden, socially distanced)  

Y3: Via the side gate, alongside the carpark (parents to wait on Jubilee Rd)

Y4: Via outer doors to main gate (parents to wait on the main playground, socially distanced)

Y5: Via outer doors to main playground (parents to wait on the main playground, socially distanced)

Y6: Via outer doors to main playground (parents to wait on the main playground, socially distanced)

If your child cycles to school, they should use the side entrance (alongside the carpark) regardless of year group in order to get their bike to and from the cycle shelter.


After-school club:

In view of the earlier school finish on Fridays, our after-school club will close at 5.30pm each Friday.


We have updated our general Covid-19 risk assessment and this can be found on the website under Key Information

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