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We now have the ability for WHOLE CLASS PHOTOS including teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. We have found a way that instead of the Fizzy Lemonade Collage photos they will have a CLASS PHOTO! The price will be £7.50 for the photo so all you need to do is ORDER your class photo on the FOSLS sales page - FOR THOSE THAT HAVE ALREADY ORDERED THIS REPLACES THE COLLAGE STYLE PHOTO. ALL PREVIOUS AND FUTURE ORDERS WILL BE FOR THIS CLASS PHOTO. Anyone who requires a refund as they have changed their mind can email

The class photo will be A4 in size, with school logo etc please see sample attached. The children will have an old style whole class photo, expected to be in the school field(weather permitting), so all the children in one group. These photos will be taken to fit round required teaching and on days when they are in their uniform (as opposed to PE kit), so there is no day that it will occur. 


We’d like to thank all of those that have already sent in their pictures for the class collage photos. But they are NO LONGER required. We hope you prefer that we’re now able to have the children together in one photo, we thought this would reduce the work for parents/carers, and that children and parents/carers alike would prefer this whole class style photo.


Any queries/issues please email


Thank you in advance

On behalf of Friends of St Lukes School (Formby) 

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