Year 5 2017 - 2018

Mrs Harper

Mr Williams

 Welcome to Year 5!


Mrs Harper teaches 5H and Mr Williams teaches 5W.

Mrs Morris, Mrs Dwan and Mr Rigby are the class teaching assistants.  Mr Smith, Mrs McGill, Miss Winder, Miss Thomas and Mrs Mather provide extra support across the year group.  Mrs Iddon is our lunchtime assistant.

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4. 5. 18

We have had another great week. In art this week we’ve water coloured on the field and looked at respective art in the meadow. We have been continuing with rehearsals for our play (Pirates of the Curry Bean) some mornings. It is looking fab already. We’ve also been rehearsing our play songs, which are sounding fabulous .Following on from last week’s draft of our red squirrel reports; we’ve improved our reports massively and nearly finished writing them out in best for display. In games we’ve been doing hockey with some Formby Hockey Club coaches and our skills are really improving.

In Indoor PE we’ve finished improving our athletics skills and recorded our results ready for competition. In drumming yesterday, we learnt a new rhythm with our professional drummer  Mr Bowen and Mrs Edger.

Mainly this week though, we have been super excited about our residential to Betws-y-Coed next Wednesday.
By James D and Sam


27. 4. 18

Today, Year 5 went to a Triathlon. It included: swimming, cycling and running. We completed 57 km in running as year group; 131 km in cycling as a year group - including the sensational staff.  We are waiting to discover our swimming distance.  Finding treasure at the bottom of the pool was phenomenal fun, scoring extra points for our school. 

Everyone enjoyed this outstanding challenge. We were sponsored by Zoggs (swimming gear) who were the people that created this Triathlon. Therefore, we praise the generous staff that let this all happen, helping us us all to keep fit!

Click here to view a selection of photographs from our day!

By Ellie Ralston, Rosie Scarth and Erin Ennis. 5H


22. 4. 18

This week we have been learning all about Formby and in particular the endangered red squirrels. We had a great time when Sally from the National Trust came to talk to us about the red squirrels at Formby Point and Freshfield and how squirrel pox has affected them. We went down to the pinewoods to go into further detail about the squirrels and we were lucky enough to spot a few drays and some red squirrels. 

We have also been practising for our play, “The Pirates of the Curry Bean.” We love rehearsing and the show is going to be fantastic with the effort we are putting in.

As well as the play and our work on the squirrels, we also have learnt about the Vikings, as we have been learning about the history of Formby in guided reading and in topic. We learnt how the Vikings invaded the Anglo Saxons and how they had a huge battle in Deansgate Lane. We have starting to learn water colour techniques this week too, practising for our trip to

By Evan and Oscar.


23. 3. 18

We have had a fabulous half term and loved our topic - 'What an explosion', where we have carried out lots of scientific investigations and experiments. This culminated with us mixing chemicals to create explosions and irreversible changes. Don’t check the ceilings Mrs Cowey!

This week was also the final of the Y5 writing competition, where every Year 5 class in Formby had to produce a piece of writing based on Walter De La Mare’s poem, “The Listeners.” At the end of our teaching unit in school, children chose the genre they wished to write. We had an array of fabulous ghost stories, news paper articles, diaries and descriptions. We are very pleased to announce that Amber won the entire competition, beating over 240 children with her exceptionally scary story, “My journey to ... DEATH.” A very well done Amber.

All children should now have their scripts for “Pirates of the Curry Bean” and are to learn their words over the Easter holiday, ready to begin rehearsals when we return to school. Scripts are to come in to school every day.

Many thanks for your continued support and have a lovely Easter break.


16. 3. 18

What a week!

We were delighted to have Dr Paul Pester, the CEO of TSB and Dr Maggie Alderin-Pocock, top space scientist and TV presenter,  visit us yesterday to deliver an amazing assembly and a spectacular workshop. The assembly, to all Key stage 2 was called "Dream Big," and inspired us all. We know that we should have huge aspirations and have the belief in ourselves that we can achieve them. The workshop - Let's build a rocket, had us thinking about many factors: why we would want to colonise Mars, how we would budget for the fuel and  materials  to build the rocket, how long it would take to travel and about our design to name a few.
Our visitors were also delighted with us, commenting, "Hope you and the school enjoyed yesterday.  I know we all did and your students were great, so well engaged and enthusiastic.Thank you all for all your hard work in making yesterday such a wonderful experience."
Well done Year 5 - this week you are all our Superstars.



2. 3. 18

What a fantastic two weeks in Year 5, where Bake Off met Dragon's Den, with the children being given a challenge to create a bespoke bread to pitch to Tesco. The fortnight began with taste testing a variety of breads, generating ideas and designing several sweet and savoury breads, working out cost for consumers and suppliers while still making a profit, and creating instructions and a play script to persuade Tesco to buy their bread and culminated today in a visit to Range High to bake the bread in the morning and pitch their bread using their play-script in the afternoon. This was followed by some very tricky questions - Dragon's Den style about their product and the claims made in their pitches.  Click here to have a look at their brilliant baking!

The 5H overall winner was the "Brilliant Pizza Bread," created by Callum, Efe, Evan and James. The 5W winner will be announced on Monday.

On Tuesday, Mrs Harper received some very exciting news about a science competition that she entered. watch this space for a very special announcement next Friday.


9. 2. 18

Congratulations to our superstars Erin and Evan.

Well what a busy couple of weeks in Year 5. We have had a real STEAM focus: writing poems about the planets, producing acrylic paintings based on the work of abstract artist Peter Thorpe, Science experiments to investigate gravity, air resistance and water resistance and a STEM project to design a car that could beat the land speed record. We really do need that half-term break after all this activity.

We have also had great fun playing the maths games we made for homework as part of our whole school focus on times tables and creating a sorting game on 2 and 10 times tables to share with our Year 1 buddies.  Well done on a fabulous half-term!

Next half term, along with our topic 'What an Explosion', we will also be auditioning for our Year 5 production, which will be performed to parents just before May half-term.


26. 1. 18

It has been another busy week for our Year 5 pupils, with some of them working a 6-day-week with a Saturday extravaganza at the Echo Arena for PEACE PROMS 2018. All of the children performed brilliantly and we are so proud of their achievements. 

In science, we have been busy examining the phenomenon: gravity, and carried out investigations to see if objects fall to the ground at the same time.  The children enjoyed learning all about Sir Isaac Newton and his famous apple!

In maths, fractions have been the focus of the week and will be next week too.  The children have realised the importance of knowing their times tables so that they can simplify and add fractions. Next week, we will be looking at subtracting and multiplying fractions.

As part of our space topic, we have included poetry into our English lessons. We have evaluated the poem by Pie Corbett – 'Six Ways to Look At The Moon' by looking at the figurative language that he used. The children are learning the poem so that they can perform it, in small groups, to their class.

Next week we will be writing our own poems to describe the sun, moon or earth.

5H have been continuing their dance moves to space themed music whilst 5W have donned their pyjamas and practised their survival skills in the pool. Both classes have been trying out their netball skills in competitive matches and have shown great sportsmanship qualities towards others.

SUPERSTARS this week are: Adam and Connor in 5W and Heidi and Sam in 5H. Well done everyone! 


14. 1. 18

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to a new term.

The children have been enjoying the 'Cosmic' topic and using their enquiring minds to learn new and fascinating facts and information. We have been getting creative with figurative language, and the children's descriptive writing based around a space theme has been phenomenal. Come in if you can and have a read of what they have been up to.

In Maths we have been getting all statistical: closely investigating interesting tables and line graphs, and the children have been brilliant budding analysts!

5W are swimming like fish, and 5H dancing like the stars! 

Our Superstars this week are: Freya (5H) and Abigail (5W). Well done girls. 

Our focus on Maths next week is fractions, and in English we will be writing our own narrative about the man on the moon. 


17. 12. 17

What a way for us to finish our topic... a trip to Croxteth Hall and Country Park, dressed as Victorian children, to have a trial for a job at the house as a servant for Lord and Lady Sefton. They were mightily pleased with our references and with our work ethic. In fact, if we really were in Victorian Britain, we would all have been offered a job - even Mr Williams and Mrs Harper.

This was followed by our classroom going back in time over 100 years - to the Victorian era. The chalks and boards came out, the copy books, the strict teachers and even the dunces hat and cane! Thank goodness it was just pretend. School today is a much friendlier place.

Click here to see some photographs from our trip!


8. 12 . 17

What a busy couple of weeks in Year 5. Last week we took part in a concert with two other schools at the Atkinson Theatre in Southport singing a variety of songs. We sang with passion, enthusiasm and dramatic phrases.  It was lovely to see so many parents at the event.  Click here to look at the photos.

This week has been all about DT.  We have been making moving toys based on those used by Victorian children. Each toy has moving parts that use a cam mechanism. We will be finishing them next week - just in time for Christmas!  Click here for pictures.

Don't forget our trip to Croxteth Hall and Country Park on Tuesday, where we will be dressed as Victorians and working as Victorian children would have done.‚Äč


21. 11. 17

Year 5 took part in a Muslim workshop with our special visitor, Imran.

He led us through the five day pilgrimage that Muslims take to Mecca in Saudi Arabia - Hajj.  The children wrote a five day diary of the important events that Muslims would carry out.

Imran engaged brilliantly with the children with lots of linked religious stories and anecdotes.  All of the children were brilliantly behaved and contributed to the workshop with lots of enthusiasm. 

A big thank-you to Imran!  Click here to view a couple of photographs from this morning's workshop.



What a busy week it has been! The children have been learning the words for our upcoming concert at the Atkinson theatre, and singing practice has been going brilliantly with all of the children enthusiastically joining in.  5H had their final swimming session and were busy practising their survival skills. Well done to you all. 

It was anti bullying week and our assemblies have been  focussed on the this theme, including the importance in telling somebody if they feel that they are being bullied, and for all of us to staunite and stand up against it.

In English, the children are continuing to be absorbed in Street Child and produced some wonderful descriptive pieces of writing.  

To cap off a great week of Pudsey children in need activities, we had a whole school special celebratory assembly. Thank-you for all your support in making this years' fundraiser such a fabulous success.  During the afternoon, we got together with our Year 1 buddies and taught them how to speed stack. It was lovely watching as the children showed great patience and encouragement towards their younger buddies. 


10. 11. 17

Congratulations to Rosie and Luke - this week's superstars.

We watched a fabulous play this week all about a boy who was being bullied at school. This was followed by a thought provoking workshop led by the actors all about anti-bullying, where we played lots of games and took part in drama role plays to help us think about how we should react if are being bullied. 


3. 11. 17

What a great start to our new half term!  We are already gripped by our class novel 'Street Child' and have written some fabulous pieces setting the scene. As the novel is set in Victorian Times, we have learnt all about Queen Victoria and have also looked at the injustice between the way of life between rich and poor children. 

Over the half term break, Mrs Harper and Mr Williams looked through all of the poetry entries for the Primary Stars Competition and read out the entries that have been submitted to the Premier League. Mrs Harper and Mrs Byrne both sobbed when Chloe read hers out, it was that emotional. 

Congratulations must go to our superstars Charlie, James and Rebecca who have had an amazing week. All three have shown true resilience and a 'Never Give Up' attitude. 


19. 10. 17

What a great half term we have had. The children have really loved all the work over the past few weeks based on both the Maya Civilization and the Highway Man poem by Alfred Noyes and have produced some excellent writing and illustrations. This week we  had a fantastic talk by Mrs Edger, whose son Mark is a film director and is currently out in Central America making a documentary on the Mayans. She showed us lots of photographs of archaeological digs and some never before seen footage of a newly discovered Maya pyramid and Maya tomb. We were all very excited and can't wait until the new year to watch the finished film when it is broadcast on TV.  This week we also visited the 'Crucial Crew' at Formby PDC, where the children had safety talks from the Police, British Transport Police and Lifeguards as well as workshops delivered by Sefton Active and Sefton Cycle and Road Safety, ensuring that we have a safe, happy and healthy half term. Please look at the photos of the event on our gallery page.  Click here to view!

After half term we will be starting our exciting topic, Street Child, where our main focus is the life of Victorian Children, using the novel by Berlie Doherty as a stimulus. Please read the curriculum overview for more information - you can download it by clicking here. As part of this topic we are going to be visiting Croxteth Hall to work as Victorian Children for the day as part of their Victorian Christmas event and will transform our classrooms in to a Victorian school room for the day. We will get a real insight into how poorer children age 9 and 10 would have lived and felt.

Have a very happy half term holiday.


13. 10. 17

What another busy week we have had in Year 5.

In English, we have been continuing with our study of the poem 'The Highwayman'. Looking at imagery (similes, metaphors and personification), the children have been working on their creative writing and produced character descriptions of the Highwayman. 

On Thursday, we had a fabulous day out at Range High School. As always, they welcomed us with open arms and arranged a variety of exciting activities including Mayan mask and jewellery making, samba music, dance and drama. Our children worked incredibly hard during the day and were a credit to themselves and to St Luke’s. The performance to families was amazingly received and we look forward to our next visit.  Take a look at what they got up to here!

Staying on the Mayan theme, on Friday, Mrs Edger came into both Year 5 classes and gave a tremendous presentation all about her son Mark’s expedition to Guatemala with a team of archaeologists. The children were the first in the world to see photos of newly discovered tombs of Mayan kings from over 1700 years ago. Ask your child to recount the fantastic facts and stories that Mrs Edger shared!

Superstars this week are: Josh, Jess, Jack, Tommy and Liam.


07. 10. 17

Congratulations to our superstars this week: Teseo, Josh, Lara, Mac and Isaac. We have had another very exciting week in Year 5 this week. on Tuesday, we invited in some singing specialists who are working with us each week, preparing for a concert at the Atkinson Theatre - Southport in December. We are all feeling really inspired by the songs and the "need for speed."

We have also started learning and analysing the classic poem, "The Highway Man," by Alfred Noyes, ready to create our own piece of writing using the poem as a stimulus.

Earlier this week, we handed Mrs Cowey our persuasive letters regarding keeping our Friday Tuckshop fair trade. we are eagerly awaiting a response.

Next week we are headed to Range High to take part in a Maya workshop day, taking part in a range of art, drama, music and dance activities before presenting the days work in a showcase to parents from 4 - 4:30 in the Arts Theatre there. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible.


30. 9. 17

Congratulations to our superstars this week: Ellie, Georgia and Connor.

This week we have been thinking about our fair trade tuck shop that takes place every Friday morning break. We have been thinking about the implications that Fair Trade (and our tuck shop) has for farmers and communities in poverty. We have all written extremely persuasive letters to Mrs Cowey informing her of the positive effects tuck shop has for these people and we hope she decides to keep our tuck shop fair trade.

Click here to look at us with our Year 1 buddies!


15. 9. 17

We have had a brilliant week learning all about the Maya civilisation and when and where they came from. We have also been learning all about fair trade: the food that is fair trade, the reasons behind the fair trade initiative, how it helps farmers and communities in poverty and how we can help.

This week's Superstars are: Chloe, Oscar and Amy!  Well done everyone!




8. 9. 17

The children have all settled in marvellously to life in Year 5. Your child will be bringing home the following: A maths HWK book which needs to be backed in suitable paper or plastic, a "where in the UK is Wally" homework and a Peace Proms choir letter (if they showed an interest in taking part). Have a wonderful weekend! smiley           

 ~Congratulations to both Reece (5W) and Sarah (5H) for being this week's SUPERSTARS~


7. 9. 17

Everyone has made a great start to life in Year 5.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we will be learning this term, please download the 'curriculum overview', which can be found below.


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