Yr 5 blog 24.9.21

Date: 24th Sep 2021 @ 8:22am

This week has been all about the Maya in Year 5 this week. We learnt how to play the ancient ball game of pok-A-Tok. We kept it as close to the original game as we could, however we decided not to sacrifice the captains at the end of the game as they would have done in ancient Mayan times. Ask your child to teach you the rules and maybe have a game over the weekend. You only need a ball and a hoop. We also became Maya mathematicians, learning the complex system of lines and dots that they used. We completed our whole maths lesson on Friday using only Mayan symbols! We also learnt all about the second wonder of the world "Chichen iIza"  and have learnt so much from making pictorial notes that we could become tour guides.


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