Year 6 Weekly Blog (7. 12. 18)

Date: 7th Dec 2018 @ 4:09pm

The children have been extremely impressive this week, as they continue to troop on towards Christmas. By utilising their deep understanding of Goodnight Mr Tom, they have produced some exemplary diaries. We taught them how to do this in great detail a couple of weeks ago from the perspective of Willie Beech, but they have showed their fantastic eye for detail since Monday, by composing their own, independent diary entries, often from the perspective of other characters in the story. In conjunction with the newspapers the children wrote last week about the Blitz, these are showing lots of progress in the children’s writing. Despite the festive season creeping up on us, Year 6 are setting the example in school by making everything the best they can.

The children have made huge leaps in their understanding of decimals this week, and have obviously understood formal, written methods of multiplication earlier in the year. Like anyone showing mastery of a skill, they are using and applying their prior learning, in a new context, and to great avail.

As out topic A Child’s War edges towards a close, Design-Technology has been high on our agenda, to present the children’s practical understanding of conditions during World War 2. As well as showing empathy for the harsh conditions and restrictions of life during World War 2, the children are starting to craft their own Make Do and Mend gifts. These are taking the shape of sewn items, upcycled from previously unwanted or discarded items. I am sure they’re as excited to show you their finished products, as you are to see them.

Our Superstars for this week are Chloe (6G) and Molly (6WD). Well done to you two girls, from all of the Year 6 team.


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