Year 6 Weekly Blog (25. 01. 19)

Date: 26th Jan 2019 @ 8:32am

This week, biomes, evolution and different environments have been our main focus within writing. The children are working hard to secure their understanding of a range of writing features, in order to build these up to more extended, independent pieces. We have been designing our own environments this week, and the rich language being explored by the children has been very impressive. They have used this creative process, in order to highlight their understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar features, as well as their knowledge and learning around evolution and our broader topic.


In Maths, ratios have been our main focus. We have linked these to prior learning around fractions, and the children are consolidating their understanding here. This topic is tricky, but the children are giving it their all to progress and we are proud of the steps they're making.


Our Superstars this week are Sarah (6G) and  Jess (6WD). Continue to shine you two and well done.

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