Year 6 Weekly Blog (15. 3. 19)

Date: 15th Mar 2019 @ 5:57pm

This week, we have been fully entrenched in our NYC topic and the adults have enjoyed it as much as the children have. We have continued to read and write about NYC, and have used an advertisement-video as a stimulus for our writing. The imagery that the children have crafted from this has been extremely vivid and it has been a wonderful display of their creativity in their writing.

Our topic coverage has extended to our art lessons, and the children’s graffiti tags and pictures have turned out beautifully. We hope to have these colourful creations on display in time for you to enjoy during Parents’ Evening. We are sure that you’ll be as astounded by them as we have been.

In Maths, we have continued to move on in our learning. We have developed the children’s understanding of co-ordinates across four quadrants, and have moved on to translation and reflection. The children really enjoyed the more practical side of this learning, and we are sure that it has deepened their understanding.

Year 6 have also shown their maturity by effectively running our Red Nose Day fundraising, in the hall (with some minor tweaks and help from Mrs Woodward and Mr Edger). The whole school thanks the Year 6 children for all of the money raised; we will hopefully have a grand total for you soon.

Our Superstars this week are Oscar (6G) and Aaron (6WD). Congratulations boys. You have been fantastic in leading as examples for the other Year 6 children. Well done.

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