Year 6 Weekly Blog (1. 2. 19)

Date: 3rd Feb 2019 @ 4:01pm

This week, the children have been somewhat ‘hands-on’ in lots of their learning. We have improved our understanding of blending action and speech, by acting out our emotions and movements, when we’re talking to each other as characters. The results of this have been brilliant so far, so well done to the children.

In Maths, we have been doing almost the opposite, as children are using their imaginations mathematical understand to create Algebraic expressions. This has been an abstract challenge for many of the children, but they are impressing us with their growing understanding and perseverance. This topic is very new to many, but it is a case of so far, so good.

Looking at our topic, the children had a very hands-on session, pretending to be different finches. This was to re-imagine Darwin’s epiphany from looking at different beaks, which led to him theorizing about natural selection. The children used a range of beaks (tweezers, clothes-pegs, cocktail sticks etc) to pick up a variety of different food, ranging from lentils, to raisins. The children were mature and sensible, and this was a lovely way to understand what is at first, a difficult concept to grasp. Well done Year 6.

Our Superstars this week are Freya (6G) and Abi (6WD). Well done children. In a year-group of outstanding children, you have stood out furthest for the right reasons.

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