Year 5 Weekly Blog (1. 2. 19)

Date: 3rd Feb 2019 @ 4:01pm

What a fascinating week we have had in Year 5! Our main focus has been on science; in particular, forces. We have looked at gravity and the impact that it has on us and the children enjoyed seeing how Newton-meters worked to measure weight and mass of object. We also looked at air resistance and how it works on moving objects. Taking the Bloodhound project as an inspiration, we set out to see how we could use parachutes and air resistance to slow the car down. The children set up their own investigation, carrying it out in small groups and recording their information and conclusions. We have all been impressed with how hard they have worked.

Our study on fractions has now come to the end, with the children working hard on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. We will be looking at decimals starting next week.

We have been astounded by some of the examples of homework which the children have brought into school to show us. This shows just how much enjoyment they are getting out of it and we thank you for your support with this.

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