Year 4 Weekly Blog (30. 11. 18)

Date: 29th Nov 2018 @ 7:00pm

Where did the last month go!

So tomorrow is the 1st December and the beginning of advent. We will soon be getting very Christmassy in Yr4!

This week we have been busy looking at instructional texts, in particular how to mummify a Pharaoh. So if your child has returned home talking about wanting to wrap somebody up then this is where they have got the idea from!

To finish the week off, we all had the very important task of becoming royal embalmers. The Pharaoh Tomato had recently died and it was our job to make sure he was correctly embalmed and ready for the next stage in the mummification process. Some children were unfortunate enough to end up with the Pharaoh’s guts splattered on them. Yuck!!!  We will check on how well the embalmers did in 14 days; hopefully the Pharaohs will still be smelling sweetly!

Unfortunately hockey had to be cancelled this week; however tag rugby still took place and the children enjoyed putting their skills into practice by playing some small sided games. Could the children please bring in plastic bags to put their muddy shoes in when doing outdoor games.

Next week, we will be beginning an English unit on newspaper writing. Could the children please bring in a newspaper article of their choice. Please do not send in whole newspapers, just the article. The article must have a lead paragraph including the who, what, when, where, why questions. Thank you in advance.
Have a lovely weekend.


The Year 4 team.

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