Year 4 Weekly Blog (16. 10. 20)

Date: 13th Oct 2020 @ 2:21pm

Hello and welcome to the penultimate blog of this half term.

It has certainly been a different week with a large number of our Year 4’s having to home school. We have all missed them a great deal and can’t wait to have us all back together again after the half term break.

We have taken part in the Sefton School’s Speed Bounce Challenge with lots of enthusiasm, speed and agility. We have also begun the pentathlon challenge and are practising our standing long jump and chest push techniques during PE lessons.

Swimming sessions for 4W had to sadly be cut short and we don’t yet know when 4C will be able to begin theirs; fingers crossed it will be soon.

We are onto Chapter 3 of our Maths No Problem Book and the children have been investigating ways of working out their multiples of 6,7 and 9 by using prior knowledge from previous years. Using their 2x and 5x tables to work out their 7x tables was given a big thumbs up by the children.

In English we have been looking and discussing poetic devices used in a variety of poems including a really rhythmic one called “The River” written by Valerie Bloom. The children were all excellent at spotting the rhyme, repetition, metaphors and other imagery that the author used, and are excited at the prospect of writing their own river themed poem.

TT Rock stars continues to be a hit in class and we have moved onto the 8x tables and will soon be including the 6x tables too.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend,

From the Year 4 Team.

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