Year 4 Weekly Blog (10.5.19)

Date: 12th May 2019 @ 7:47pm

A short week this week, yet a busy one too. 

The children were entertained with a martial arts demonstration to introduce them to a new club beginning after school on a Monday very soon. If your child is interested then please contact the office for more details. 

Throwing and catching accuracy was the focus of this week's cricket session. Practising this skill at home is always helpful and improves hand/eye coordination. 

4C continued their swimming lessons and 4W their gymnastics sequences including jumps and balances. 

In topic the children have been using technology and team work to find out lots of interesting physical facts about Eastern European countries. Get out the atlas as a family and see which countries make up our continent. Which ones are tiny and which huge? 

Continuing on from last week, in maths we have been focussing on 1/10ths and 1/100ths in readiness for our new topic - money. 

English has had the children considering two sides to an argument and looking at planning their balanced article for Highlight! magazine. Will the readers decide whether or not  Dr X is actually good or evil????? The children will be writing these up next week using lots of causal conjunctions to structure it professionally. 

In RE, the children have been respectful whilst learning about the creation stories from other religions such as Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. 

It has been another super learning week and we look forward to our learning journey next week. 

Bye for now! 

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