Year 4 Blog 15/10/21

Date: 14th Oct 2021 @ 4:11pm

We are now moving into week 7 of Autumn 1 – The final week! The children will certainly deserve their half term break!

4W will be having their final swimming session next week before it is time to pass the goggles over to 4C who will commence their sessions on the first week back after the holidays. A spider message will be sent out to 4C parents/carers sometime next week to list what the children will need.

In Science, the children have now learnt about the 4 processes within the changes of state cycle – melting, freezing, evaporating and condensing. Next week, we will be looking at the water cycle (well done for those who have already looked at this as part of their home learning), and also setting up an investigation to see what affects the rate of evaporation. This will really get the children’s enquiring minds running on full power!

Well done to our Weekly Superstar: 4W: Isabelle and 4C: Tom

Next Monday is St Luke’s Day when we will be reflecting upon his important role in sharing the teachings of Jesus within his book in the Bible.

We wish you a relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing all of the children again for the ‘FINAL week of this half term.

Many thanks again for supporting your child’s learning.

The Year 4 Team.


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