Year 3 Weekly Blog (5. 4. 19)

Date: 5th Apr 2019 @ 2:53pm

What a great week we have had! April showers, sunshine and rainbows along with a wonderful week of Easter celebrations.

We have looked in depth at our Easter  RE topic and asked and researched the question 'Is Easter a time of sadness or joy?' Through our study of the Holy Week we have witnessed the sheer joy of Palm Sunday and contrasted this with the sorrow of Good Friday. We have hot seated Mary Magdelene, Judas and a Roman Soldier, asking how they felt at various times during the Holy Week and the part they played. We then looked at the symbol of the cross and how this is the symbol that identifies us as Christians around the world. From this we looked at a range of crosses from around the world and designed our own using the theme of sadness and joy. We also enjoyed a wonderful service led by our Year 4 children at church on Friday!


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter break we will see you on Tuesday 23rd of May to start our Summer term.

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