Year 3 Weekly Blog (21. 6. 19)

Date: 21st Jun 2019 @ 7:57pm


What a STEM-tabulous week we have had! The children have loved every second of this wonderful week and have had the opportunity to expand their learning and deepen their knowledge through a range of wonderful activities! 


Monday saw the arrival of the VR Head sets which was the cause for much excitement. Through the use of this wonderful technology the children were transported around the world, visiting a variety of countries. 


Tuesday saw a visit from Farm Urban to discuss our class aquaponic systems and how the fish in the tank produce the fertiliser to grow the plants in the tank above. The children were fascinated.


On Thursday we solved the 'Riddle of the Sphinx'. Dr Smith, an Egyptologist and Mathematician, visited us and gave us a problem to solve. Through a series of clues we solved the riddle and worked out how long to programme the timer for in order to open the tomb. Fantastic!


The end of the week saw us participating in the STEM Trail. The whole school was involved with every class set up with a different STEM activity. The children visited each room, taking part in what each room had to offer, and had the BEST morning. Ask your child which activity they enjoyed the most.


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