Year 3 Blog - 6.5.22

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 2:29pm


 Well this week has whizzed by in a flurry of flowers and photosynthesis.

The children have been intrigued to learn that plants actually make their own food. Imagine having that super power! We have been compiling a glossary of all the scientific terms that we are discovering as we explore the wonderful world of how plants work. Plants have an amazing system for making and transporting food to all their different parts. Maybe the children could spend some time investigating this complicated process further. As always Google has a wealth of information. When a technical description proves a little tricky we find it helpful if you put in the search engine, ‘for kids’ e.g. ‘Photosynthesis for kids

We are also discovering that without plants there would be no animals (including humans) on earth as they are literally the lungs of our planet. How lucky are we to live so close to such a variety of trees and wild plants in Sefton.

Talking of trees, flowers and plants we had the most wonderful day at Ness Gardens. We were so extremely lucky with the weather and all of the plants and flowers were in full bloom. The rainbow of colour created by the various plants we looked at really was a sight to behold. Take a look at our photos. We learnt all about pollination and the important role that bees play. We were also amazed to learn about the solitary bee and the fact that it lives alone underground. We also spent some time putting our new found sketching skills to the test in the most gorgeous setting overlooking the Dee Estuary. What a perfect day!

Feeling inspired following our adventure at Ness Gardens the children have begun to construct their 3D sculpture of a flower. They have been investigating the pros and cons of different joining techniques as it was quite a challenge to attach several pieces of wire together. Determination and perseverance were the words of the day in art this week. “I can’t do it!” slowly evolved into, “Look! I’ve done it!” The stem and the leaves are beginning to take shape. Have a look at some of our early creations so far. We can’t wait to see the finished masterpieces.

Please remember that our PE days are now Thursday (cricket) AND Friday (dodgeball). PE changes are always noted on our class page of the website.

Next week we will be looking at poetry and the power of similes, adjectives and adverbs. How many ways can we describe a sunflower?

Have a happy weekend everyone.

The Year Three Team x

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