Year 3 Blog - 3.12.21

Date: 3rd Dec 2021 @ 1:27pm


Another fantastic week has simply whizzed by. The children were literally bouncing this morning in all their Christmas clothes. The countdown has most certainly begun…

Earlier in the week we sent a message home about our reverse Advent Calendar. The children, although initially quite shocked that in Year 3 we actually give for Advent rather than receive, have really got on board with the concept. As our Christian value in Year 3 is ‘Thankfulness’ we talk a lot about how very lucky we are to enjoy the simple things in life that we mostly take for granted. Being able to go to the fruit bowl when we are hungry, settling down to bed with a full tummy and waking up knowing that there isn’t long to wait until breakfast. Delicious food and certainly treats are unfortunately, and rather heartbreakingly, a luxury for many families. So, we are putting our caring hats on and thinking about others at this very special time of the year.  If you are able to we would love the children to choose an item out of the cupboards at home. Maybe a simple tin of beans, a packet of cereal, a pot noodle, a bag of crisps, a bottle of cordial or a bar of chocolate in fact anything that is a non-perishable item so that we can spread a little happiness in our local community this festive season.

Can we also remind everyone about our South America project? The following message was sent to all families on Tuesday …The children have all been enjoying our focus on the 7 continents this half term. This week we have been looking at the rather diverse land mass of South America. The children are learning how to take notes using a number of information sources, books, newspaper articles, atlases and of course, good old Google. Next week we are sticking with South America and invite each child to choose an element of South America that interests them to explore further. Whether that be the famous international football teams, the Amazon river or rainforest, the spectacular Angel Falls, the Andes mountain range, the Atacama Desert, the Poisonous Dart Frog, the common languages of Latin America: Spanish and Portuguese, the devastating deforestation or ANY other topic that catches their imagination we would love to hear about it.

Next Monday our afternoon will be spent creating or enhancing a piece of work: a poster, painting, fact sheet, leaflet, 3D model or a combination of all the above.  The children are welcome to start this project at home or just come to school armed with some interesting facts about their chosen subject. If they would like to create a 3D piece then a cardboard box(es) can be brought into school. We are aiming to keep this activity as open ended as possible to allow the children to choose how they would like to showcase their knowledge and talents. All work will be displayed in our classrooms or in the corridor for the whole of school to admire.

Many thanks and any questions, please ask.

Have a fabulously festive weekend.

The Year Three Team.

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