Year 3 Blog 17.9.21

Date: 16th Sep 2021 @ 4:21pm


What a week we have had! Football skills on an unexpected glorious afternoon, beginning to plan our Harvest service, investigating reflection in Science, Hundreds, Tens and Ones and even counting in 50’s. Who knew that the 5 x table could be so useful? On the subject of maths, a lot of the children are finding our lessons on place value very challenging. The concept of Hundreds, Tens and Ones. What does the 5 represent in 543, 4 in 347, 2 in 162. The children have been shown how to draw shapes to represent the digits in each column - ask them to show you. Can they tell you what 1 more / 1 less or 10 more / 10 less than a given 3-digit number is?  There are a number of games on the ICT games and Topmarks websites that focus on place value which you may wish to explore with your child.

The children are enjoying learning all about Light and Dark. This week we have explored reflection. If you haven’t already can you please send a small torch into school with your child. They will keep it in their trays for the duration of this topic.

A few people have queried homework. In Year Three we focus primarily on the homework grid. We will occasionally send additional work if we feel something needs reinforcing at home but we would usually just ask you to focus on reading daily, regular spelling reinforcement (we are currently still working through our spelling assessments but if you would like a focus for this week we would say to look at the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words) and any work on times table activities that your child enjoys. Obviously, the homework grid is there for the children to ‘choose from’ if they would like to explore around the topics we are covering in school in greater depth.


Dates for your diaryHARVEST service Monday 4th October. The Year Three children lead our first church service of the year. The service will take place in the morning. Times to be confirmed. We look forward to seeing any parents /carers who would like to join us in church


Please remember to join us via Google Classroom on Wednesday 29th 2021 at 6.00pm for a ‘Welcome to Year Three’ meeting. We will be showing you around the classrooms and chatting about how things run in Year Three. Don’t worry if you cannot join us as we will record the meeting and post it to Google Classroom.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see everyone bright and early on Monday morning.


The Year Three team.

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