Year 2 Weekly Blog (9. 10. 20)

Date: 8th Oct 2020 @ 10:13am

We have had another busy week in Year 2.  On Tuesday's P.E. session, the classes dodged the showers in small groups in a 'star jump challenge'; Mr Williams wanted to know who could do the most jumps in twenty seconds.  All of the children had lots of fun learning how to complete a proper star jump, and tried their very best to do as many as possible within the time limit.

On Wednesday, the children had another P.E. challenge set by Mr Williams: all of the children in school were asked to take part in the 1-mile challenge.  As the field was still very muddy after the wet weather, Mr Williams set up a course around the playground approximately 100 metres long, and asked the children to complete 16 laps to complete their mile.  The sun shone in the afternoon and all the children enjoyed taking part in the challenge.

This week the children have been very busy with their artistic skills; the children amazed us with their creative flair: carefully sketching a variety of old artefacts using their pencils; the children thought about how to use their pencil in different ways to shade parts of their drawings, pressing harder and softer to create different effects - the results were fantastic!

The children also utilised their creativity in science: drawing accurate scientific drawings of a plant, then labelling as appropriate.  The children thought about why plants have roots, stems, leaves and flowers - 2G even had a go at being teachers, a few of the children explaining to the rest of the class the different parts of the plant.

And on Thursday afternoon, 2G had an opportunity to use the Chromebooks to complete an IT challenge.  The children thought about the different types of houses people in 2G live in - detached, semi-detached, bungalow - and then created a pictogram based on the results, talking about the most common, least common.  The children then had to use PuprleMash to create a digital version of the pictogram.

Finally: please remember to return home learning books on Tuesday.  Thank you!

Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday!


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