Year 2 Weekly Blog (4. 12. 20)

Date: 3rd Dec 2020 @ 11:08am

This week, the children have been very busy and getting well and truly into the Christmas spirit - excitement levels have rocketed to new heights!  December has arrived, the classrooms have been decorated with colourful lights, and 2G even received an early Christmas gift: welcoming back Mrs Groom on Wednesday!  All of the children were very excited and happy to see her again, to share their news with her and show her all of the different pieces of work they have completed over the past few weeks.  Mrs Groom has also been very eager to get back to school and had been looking forward to seeing how the Year 2 Nativity has been progressing.  On Thursday morning, all of the children put their costumes on and performed the last two songs of the Nativity performance while Mr Edger filmed them; all of the Year 2 team were very impressed with how sensible the children were able to come onto the stage for their performance's conclusion.  Throughout the week, small groups of children have been going in and out of the classroom and onto the stage in the hall to perform their little parts for the film.  

Miss McGarvey and Mrs Groom have even had an exclusive sneak peek preview of one of the dances that has been filmed and edited and were very impressed - they're sure you are going to enjoy watching the film when it's all completed!

Enjoy the weekend and see you all on Monday for the penultimate week of term!

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