Year 2 Weekly Blog (26. 3. 21)

Date: 26th Mar 2021 @ 1:04pm

We have had a very exciting final week of term in Year 2: a Golden Ticket Celebration in 2M, Superhero Day on Thursday, and the final day on Friday!

On Wednesday, the entire school joined in with the 'moment of reflection' at midday to mark a year since the first lockdown; the children across the year group observed the silence very respectfully and we were incredibly proud of their sensible and sensitive behaviour.  This week, Mrs Cowey also asked children to contribute prayers to the school's outdoor 'reflection installation'; this can be seen attached to the fence by the Reception playground.  A variety of children from Year 2 volunteered to take part and have written prayers of thanks on luggage-labels, decorated them, and they are now proudly part of the installation for all of the public to see, read and enjoy.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy our 'Superhero Day' on Thursday - there were certainly lots of smiles and laughter in the morning as the children arrived and were finally able to see what everyone had chosen to wear.  We think they also particularly enjoyed seeing the adults in costume - even if they weren't exactly sure which 'Superhero' each adult was 'supposed to be'!  ("I'm Adidas man, can you not tell from all the Adidas clothes I'm wearing?", "That's not even a real Superhero!")

During the day, the children overcame some Superhero Challenges outside and inside the classroom, created their own comic-strips, and coloured in their favourite Superheroes.  The children also were tasked by Superhero HQ Commanders with creating their own 'Supergroups' for the day (and most importantly, they had to come up with a name for their group!).  In their groups, they worked together to complete the challenges, and had their photo taken together and individually while striking their best 'Superhero pose'; we processed these photos to create a 'comic book effect' and have shared these black and white photos with you below!  The children each had a printed version of their photos to add colour and cartoon-style speech bubbles to on Thursday and Friday; these have been stuck into topic books, but we have attached them here so you can enjoy looking at them too!

Enjoy the Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!

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