Year 2 Weekly Blog (20. 11. 20)

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 1:21pm

We have all had another busy week in Year 2: continuing to think about different celebrations around the world, practising our Nativity and getting very creative with lots of different art activities.

This week, the children have had an opportunity to have a look at all the different costumes that they will be wearing for our Nativity.  They have also had their first and second full practise in the hall altogether.  We were all very impressed with the children - particuarly those who knew their lines word-perfect!  Keep on practising over the weekend!  All children with speaking parts should have their lines printed and in a plastic wallet - these were put into their book bags last Friday; if your child needs a new set, please ask them to tell someone in Year 2 and we will be ale to print out another set to go home.  Remember: not all children have speaking parts, so don't worry if your child doesn't have any lines to learn in their book bags!  Next week, 'Mr Gary' will be helping us to erect the stage in the school hall, and with this up, we can hopefully begin to start filming some of the dances - in costumes - next week!  Mrs Morris has also been into school again on Wednesday afternoon and worked with three groups on their dances - we are very grateful for her time and expertise, and the children who have worked with her have worked very hard to learn the dance routines in a sensible and mature manner.

Aside from all the excitement of the Nativity - "when are we going to practise our bit?", "is it our turn now?", "can we go into the hall to do our bit?", "are we doing it with our costumes yet?!" - all the children have been getting very creative: finishing off their Diwali elephants, adding sparkle to their rangoli patterns, and starting to make a Turkey using their handprints and a paper plate to celebrate 'Thanksgiving' (it'll make sense when you see it, we're sure!).


See you all next week!

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