Year 2 Weekly Blog (19. 11. 2021)

Date: 19th Nov 2021 @ 8:59am

We have had a very exciting week!  The children have started - at long last - to practise the play; we have been besieged by curious children, all wondering when it would be 'their time' to do some practising.  All of the children have had a little opportunity to learn what they will be doing in the play, and on Friday, some of the children will be bringing home with them some lines for them to practise for the performance; please note that not all of the children will come home with lines!  On Thursday, the children really impressed us as we had our first rehearsal of Scene 1 all together in the hall.  We can't wait for you all to see the performance on the night, we're sure it is going to be amazing!  The children have also been learning to the songs throughout the week, and have impressed us with how quickly they have been able to learn the array of new songs that will be accompanying our Nativity performance.

As well as beginning to think about the play, the children have continued to think about celebrations from around the world, this week learning all about the history of the American holiday of Thanksgiving: where, why and how it is celebrated.  

On Monday, the children had a very mature conversation about bullying and the importance of kindness, and in particular the importance of 'One Kind Word'.

Throughout the week, the children have been thinking about Children in Need: enjoying toast every morning, and on Friday enjoying a variety of games in the hall with Year 6.  Thank you to Mrs Woodward and Year 6 for helping to organise and set up this big week of charitable events - we really appreciate it!

We can't wait for next week:  

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