Year 2 Weekly Blog (13. 5. 22)

Date: 9th May 2022 @ 10:31am

We have had another great week in school!

This week, the children have been continuing to learn about life in the 17th Century: learning about the different types of jobs that people did in the city of London, and how the city has changed since then.  They have also created some lovely pieces of artwork using marbling inks to create a furious skyline of London in the midst of the Great Fire in 1666; they also looked at Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' as inspiration before creating their 'plan' for the 'final piece' - using their sketch pads to create swirling whorls of reds, oranges and yellows above a silhoutte of the City of London.

Throughout the week in their English lessons, the children have been writing diary entries: imagining that they were alive in 1666 and thinking about what it would be like experiencing the Great Fire first-hand; we loved their descriptive writing, particularly the descriptions of the sounds, smells and noises that they would have felt during the terrifying fire.

On Monday afternoon, 2G had their Golden Ticket reward afternoon and had a great time having a 'sleepover', taking over the classroom and setting up little dens with their friends; once the children had set up their dens, they enjoyed popcorn, a film and some time with their friends playing in the classroom!

The children enjoyed another drumming lesson on Tuesday afternoon: practising their skills and impressing Gaffro once again with how well they listen and perform as a group.  Alongside the music lessons, throughout the week, the children have also been learning 'The Great Fire of London rap'.  We have attached the PowerPoint presentation with the lyrics to the rap to this blog - so feel free to practise it at home!

The children have also been making sure to look after their vegetable each day: making sure they're well watered, and zipped up at the end of the day; feel free to take a look at how the plants are doing at the end of the day when you're picking up!

In P.E., the children have had another great week: practising their cricket skills (batting, bowling and catching) with their Year 6 buddies, and using paper ribbons in the hall during their indoor lesson to practise their dance skills.  The children worked with partners to create a short sequence and mirror and copy each other to Ellie Goulding's 'Burn'.  We were very impressed with the way they worked together and how gracefully they moved.

See you next week!

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