Y6 Weekly Blog (5. 10. 18)

Date: 5th Oct 2018 @ 5:26pm

The children have been addressing and discussing the issue of mental health this week during our writing sessions. They have suggested some very mature and relevant ideas about how to keep your mind happy and sharp, and all of the adults in Year 6 have been astounded by their understanding and interest in this topic; this has been very impressive. The children have started to include their ideas in the plans for a Fit for Life explanation text on mind, body and soul.

We have been using our strengthened knowledge of multiplication now that we have moved in to division in Maths lessons. The children have been refreshing their understanding of formal-written-methods of division and although they’re tricky, the children have made lots of progress and we shall be continuing this next week.

In response to the feedback from the home-learning questionnaires, we have reiterated to the children about the availability of RMeasimaths online as an additional option for learning at home. To enable this to be easier, we have sent all Year 6 children home with another copy of their log-ins within their homework books. Hopefully this will make accessing the online-learning tool more straightforward, and give parents more options for additional home-learning around mathematics.

Our Superstars this week are Olivia (6G) and Libby (6WD). Congratulations children on standing out from a tough crowd.

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