Reception Weekly Blog 6.5.22

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 1:11pm

This week the children have continued to explore the theme of growing. They have each planted their own sunflower seeds, the children enjoyed writing their own names on the pots to track their progress easily. Whilst reading ‘Ten Seeds’ and ‘The Tiny Seed’ this week, the children were able to understand another very important life-cycle. When the children returned to school on Tuesday they were excited to see that our seed potatoes had begun to sprout lovely green leaves! The children are making sure they are well watered on sunny days and are tracking their progress daily.

Our tadpoles are growing more and more, the children are patiently waiting and checking them each day on the look out for back legs! As soon as our little tadpole friends grow their back legs we will transport them back to the pond. We have also kindly been donated some stumps from the National Trust, the children have thoroughly enjoyed navigating through them and exploring the insects found within the bark.

We have continued to learn all about the teen numbers in Reception, the children have enjoyed learning about 19 this week and look forward to finally meeting 20 next week.
To deepen our knowledge in maths, we have been subitising numbers to 6, the children have been able to indicate whether the pattern we showed to them was ‘6 or not 6’ using a thumbs up or thumbs down. See if you can subitise up to 6 at home this weekend, using counters, buttons or even chocolate buttons and mini cheddars.

As part of our art project this term, the children were set the task of creating their very own frog using the method of painting with card. We folded up lots of different pieces of card and dipped it into green paint to make the body and head of our frog. We look forward to adding more detail each week.

We have been looking at directions as part of our computing topic which saw the children learning all about bee-bots. They were able to work as a team and enter a simple code for the bee-bot to follow. The children have really impressed us when learning about left and right. See if your child can give you a simple set of directions to follow this weekend, using terminology like forward, backwards, left and right.

We are looking forward to introducing the children to the story of ‘The Princess and The Pea’ next week, we will design and create our own mini greenhouses and plant peas inside them. We will spend three weeks learning about castles, the royal family and celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to let us know what you’ve been up to on a good news slip or a spare piece of paper.

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