Reception Weekly Blog 3.12.21

Date: 3rd Dec 2021 @ 3:53pm

Continuing with our Emperor penguin theme this week the children have learnt all about the life-cycle of an Emperor penguin. We have seen that from a tiny egg comes a fluffy chick with downy feathers, we loved seeing the fledglings shake their feathers off to reveal their wonderful waterproof, adult feathers!

The children have loved moving like a colony of penguins this week, especially waddling around icebergs and glaciers, avoiding leopard seals and even up the hill to toboggan down on our tummies – we make excellent penguins here in Reception!

On Monday, the children discovered that all of our poor penguins had been frozen! We had to work out how to free them, the children came up with some amazing ideas, take a look at the pictures attached below.

During RWI this week, we introduced the children to ‘Fred fingers’, the technique we use to help the children spell CVC words. Ask your child to show you how they pinch the sounds in ‘dad’, ‘mad’, ‘sad’, ‘sat’ and ‘mat’.

We introduced number 8 this week, the children have had so much fun playing with spiders and finding all things eight. We have looked at doubles and lots of different ways of making 8. See what number 8 things you can find this week, we would love to hear about it on a good news slip!

Next week we will finish learning all about the Emperor penguin and continue learning all about winter and The Nativity.

Thank you so much for your patience this week as we deal with the damage left by storm Arwen.

Please remember it's PJ day on Monday!!

Have a safe weekend and enjoy the Christmas Fair,

The Reception Team :) 

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