Reception Weekly Blog (23. 11. 18)

Date: 23rd Nov 2018 @ 7:36pm

As the weather has got colder this week we have started to talk about an animal that lives in the coldest of all climates, Antarctica. The children have been spell bound by the plight of the Emperor penguin and the lengths it goes to, to rear its young chick. The children have huddled together to keep warm, they have walked like penguins, pretended to swim from iceberg to iceberg to catch fish and carried a bean bag on their feet imagining it is a precious egg. They have made a tube penguin and will label a penguin next week. The children have also used magnifying glasses to study the ice and we have watched as it has melted in our warm classroom over the course of the day.

We have also introduced our number 5, through our song five current buns in a baker’s shop, and introduced the 5p piece. We have discussed how it is one more than four and the different ways it can be made.

Have a look at home to see if you can find the number 5.  Show your child the different ways we can make 5p with other coins. We would love to hear about it on a good news slip.

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