Year 5 Weekly Blog (18. 01. 19)

Date: 18th Jan 2019 @ 6:21pm

What an enjoyable week. The children are really excited about the stories that they have planned in detail about the reason why the "Man in the Moon" from the John Lewis advert is on the moon . We have had all sorts of brilliant ideas from the world being riddle with disease and there being a magic ingredient on the moon that will cure everyone, a volcano about to destroy Earth and he needs to control the weather and rain with the help from Mercury - the God of weather, to robots taking over the world and the only way to destroy them is by creating a shrink ray gun powered by moon rock.We cannot wait to read the stories once they are written.


In geography we have learnt all about time zones- why they are needed and how they work and all about the lines of the equater, tropics, arctic and antartic circles and how the temperature of these places links directly with the positioning of the Earth and the sun.

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