Year 5 blog 6.5.22

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 2:29pm

On Tuesday morning, we went to St. Luke’s Church for our RE topic and our local history topic.  We explored the church and the church grounds looking for evidence of local history.We had a look around the graves and searched, we for the Viking god-stone.

The oldest grave said that someone died during the year of the Great Fire of London (1666). When we were inside, we had a look around the church to answer the question sheets.

In maths, we were looking at different types of angles and shapes.

On Thursdays, in PE, we have been playing dodgeball, with about 7 players on each side, and 6 referees. The new school race track has finally been completed and everyone is enjoying using it.

By James and Emily 5J

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