Year 5 Blog 20.5.22

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 3:04pm

This week we have been doing lots of different things in school. 

 PE:  In PE this week we did dodgeball outside on the field including lots of different people to be while playing :

Doctor tag [blue]

Danger tag [red]

Rescue tag [green]

Then you could just be a person dodging and throwing.

Maths:  We measured shapes while translating and reflecting them. We’re now moving counters from other units, dividing by 10-100 as 100 you move two units and with 10 you only move 1 unit. This is to help us convert between cm and mm or m and cm.

Walking to Formby village: We walked into the village and got into groups of six.With out being rude we went to members of the public and asked them a few [8] questions.We asked about where you came from,how you travelled here today etc.We completed surveys on all the shops, ages of people and vehicles. 

Art: On Wednesday, which was our walk to the village, we sat by the pool and sketched nature and the outline of the swimming pool. On Thursday with Mrs Pickavance and Miss Bartlett we went out to the reception playground and sketched the front of the school and wrote the important features of original school built in 1912 on it.We finished off our Anglo-Saxon houses using lots of different materials.

English: We finished our non-chronological  Red Squirrel report. In it was their were paragraphs on diet, habitat, appearance and interesting facts. We also did a timeline on the the history of Formby from 5000 BC to 1957AD, including the Viking invasion in 960 AD .

 This week's blog has been written by Holly and Jack from 5J

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