Year 2 Weekly Blog (7. 2. 20)

Date: 6th Feb 2020 @ 10:36am

This week, the children have finished writing their imaginative re-interpretations of the traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel.  The children used lots of wonderful adjectives to describe their array of characters: from kind and helpful gnomes and dwarfs, to scary step-mothers - and their stories' setting (delicious gingerbread houses; gloomy, frightening forests...).  The children finished the week creating some wonderful 'WANTED!' posters for the Big Bad Wolf!

In Maths, the children have continued to develop their understanding of money, and thought carefully about how to apply a new skill - bar modelling - to solve questions related to real-world money problems.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children thought carefully and thoughtfully about bullying - thinking about the different types of bullying (verbal, physical, and silent), and the importance of being kind, friendly, and supportive to one another throughout school.  The children looked at part of the school's anti-bullying policy and were reminded of school council's STOP aconym which describes and defines bullying as 'Several Times On Purpose'.  The children discussed what this acronym meant, and reflected upon their initial thoughts about bullying.  During their weekly music lesson, 2M, had lots of fun using the big drums to add a further dimension to their performance of 'The Enormous Turnip'!  All of the children had an oppotunity to play the big drum and other instruments, and really impressed us with their ability to follow a beat and stay in time with one another - trickier than it looks!

Next week is our final week before the half-term break - we can't believe it's time for a break already - and we have lots more exciting and fun things planned!

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