Year 2 Weekly Blog (27. 11. 20)

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 12:37pm

Another week has flown past as we gallop full throttle towards the final month of the year.  The children have been continuing to practise the nativity this week and things are starting to come together nicely!  On Thursday, some of the dance routines were filmed and all of the children had a chance to try on their outfits and enjoy watching their classmates performing their routines.  All of the Year 2 staff were very impressed with all of the children: the audience sat beautifully as they watched their friends 'do their bit', while those who had their chance to get onto the stage seemed to be very much enjoying being under the lights and in front of the camera!

The children have also thought carefully about Thanksgiving - making their own turkey using paper plates, paint, glue, googly eyes and their own hand prints which they cut out themselves - and learning all about the American holiday which was celebrated this week; they learned all about the first Thanksgiving celebration and how the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth in England on the Mayflower all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.  The children then learned about how the Pilgrims were helped by the Native Americans after they landed in the 'New World'.

The children finished off the week by thinking of Hannukah - the Jewish celebration.  They have started to learn all about Judaism and have started to further employ their crafty skills, beginning to make some rather colourful Menorah's!

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!

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