Year 2 Weekly Blog (11. 10. 19)

Date: 12th Oct 2019 @ 8:01am

This week, the children have continued to make great progress in their music lessons.  Since the beginning of school in September, both classes have been thinking about soundscapes, orchestras, loud, quiet, high and low sounds.  They have talked about different sounds they hear around school or at home, and been on 'sound walks' around school - listening carefully to the environment around them, noting any sounds they heard, then trying to reproduce those sounds in the classroom, using instruments, their voice, or even their bodies! 

On Wednesday afternoon, the children formed an orchestra, reproducing some of the different sounds they have previously heard on their 'sound walks' (camera clicks, wind chimes, chattering voices), and practised performing!  The result was very impressive, and hopefully next week we will be able to record what the children have created!  Watch this space!



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