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Date: 8th Jan 2019 @ 5:03pm

A reminder that new ukuleles go out of tune very easily!  Don't worry!  Here's a great YouTube clip that helps to explain why they go out of tune, and a top-tip for helping the strings stay in tune:

If you don't have your own tuner, this website: has a very useful tool to help tune your ukulele.  Click to play each note, then tighten or loosen the corresponding string until the sounds match.

Tuesday's group worked on a little tune together; if you want to practise this at home, the 'arrangement' was as follows:

4 downstrokes of F, 4 downstrokes of G; 4 downstrokes of F, 1 downstroke of G, 1 downstroke of C, followed by the simple pattern we learned:

A | ---5---7---5---3---
E | ----------------------
C | ----------------------
G | ----------------------

... then repeat until you're bored!

Here are some chord diagrams if you want to practise at home - remember that the numbers correspond to your fingers - e.g. '1' is your index finger.  This term I would like to focus on learning the following chords: D, Dm, Em, A.


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