Reception Weekly Blog (20. 11. 20)

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 1:21pm

This week our precious dragon egg hatched, and the grown-up dragon came to collect it. Another letter was left to thank the children for their kindness in taking such good care of it. Our Reception Christian value is kindness and the children have certainly demonstrated this with their care. This is something that we are always learning in Reception and this week we talked about how we could show kindness to everyone. The children came up with some super ways – smiling at friends, asking others to play, sharing toys, lending a helping hand if someone is hurt or upset, always using kind words.

The children have really enjoyed having their first opportunity to explore the playframe this week. They challenged themselves to swing on the rings and monkey bars as well as climb on the climbing wall to the top of Mount Everest!

On Tuesday an unusual and amazing event happened in our classrooms! Two knights were frozen by a wicked witch. The children had to decide how to release them quickly, either by placing them inside our classroom or outside in the ROLA. We discovered that the knight that was in the classroom melted, and was therefore released quickest. The children also had the opportunity to play with ice in a tough tray outdoors, using vocabulary like, frozen, slippery, tingling, frozen, solid etc. Why not show your child where ice is found in your home?

As part of learning about our new number 6, we have introduced the cube. We have counted the six flat faces of a cube and talked about other objects that are cube shaped. We have discovered the dice in our classroom are cube shaped. See if you can find some dice at home, and play some games with it. Encourage your child to instantly recognise the die patterns, this is called subitizing and is a great skill to learn. Dominoes also have these patterns on, and the children have learned to play dominoes this week.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone

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